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On going winter checks

Keep an eye on:-

The weight of your hives by hefting, lift gently from behind. If your hives are light feed with fondant not with water & sugar. Fondant will be taken down easily by the bees if they need it. Bees will not be able to get the moisture content out of water & sugar.

High winds can bring down branches, or dislodge hive roofs. Make sure roofs/hives are secure by tying down, using a strap/rope or if your hives are not in a windy location a very large stone.

Snow can block the front entrance reducing air flow into the hive, so remove the snow from the entrance.

Woodpeckers can get hungry in cold weather and drill into the sides of the hive to eat the bees. Use mesh around the hives to protect against woodpeckers. See photo.

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