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Updated: Sep 25, 2021

This might resonate with some people, I wrote it last year, it was a bit of a week, which started with celebrating my 55th Birthday on my own, well, I suppose I had my cats.


C A Malin

Usually controlled and calm

But not that day, all too much

Work, suspect device to check, Covid

Lockdown, meltdown

Student gatherings to move on

Lock outs, water leaks, heating off

All to be dealt with by Security

Lockdown, meltdown

Face masks, disposable gloves on

Selfish people, no regard for others

Fire alarm activations to check out

Lockdown, meltdown

Just two words, thats all it took

Well done, how stupid, two words

Felt like words given to a child

Lockdown, meltdown

Not anyones fault, mine completely

Anger, sadness, upset rolling over

Should be kept to myself, not spilling over

Lockdown, meltdown

Sorry said, apologies given, not enough

Never good enough, angry with myself

Should not involve others, especially you

Lockdown, meltdown

My world, my problems, my emotions

All should be hidden from view

Shut away, locked up, key thrown away

Lockdown, meltdown

Sorry, so sorry, my apologies to you.

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