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  • C A Malin

Very little flowering

Many parts of Britain have had very little rain and in this part of Oxfordshire we have not had any. There is very little flowering for the bees and the queens

have reduced their egg laying. The bees at the moment are taking pollen and nectar from Rosebay Willow Herb, and thistle. I am so pleased that a local farmer has planted food for the birds, for the thistles are providing plenty of nectar and pollen not just for my honeybees but for the bumblebees also.

I am providing water in trays for the bees. These are filled with stones so the bees have something to land on. Today I filled one tray and found five toadlets swimming in it. I hope other insects and animals like hedgehogs are utilising it.

I hope all beekeepers are monitoring the food supply of their hives and not taking too much honey off them.

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