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In these worrying times.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well..

Well, the bee's are out and about, plenty of pollen being brought in, this shows that the Queen is laying. The box bush outside in the garden is covered in bee's, (see the photo below) and the Blackthorn is also flowering. But remember that when the Blackthorn flowers it will turn cold, Blackthorn winter, when the flowers go over then the weather will get warmer. Has anyone noticed that the sky is very blue, amazing what less travelling about can do in a short time. You will also see the Rooks are building high, should be a good Summer.

The picture above was taken on Monday 23rd March, I was out checking that the hives had plenty of food.

Take pleasure in what you see, look at the wildlife around you, breathe in the air (at a social distance) appreciate what you have and what is around you.

Yesterday I saw a Barn Owl hunting along the hedgerow just up the road from my house. What a wonderful sight.

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